We have two litters!

Kittens born 2015-06-04       Kittens born 2015-07-09

When you buy a kitten from us you get a kitten that is...

  • at least 12 weeks old when they leave our home
  • ID-marked with microchip
  • registered in SVERAK and has got a pedigree
  • dewormed
  • vaccinated against Panleucopaenia (kattpest) and "cat flu"
  • inspected by a vet for a health certificate
  • insured againts hidden defects for three years in Agria
  • used to dogs
  • used to children

...and last but not least a lifelong support from us :)



Contact us:

Linda Lundberg & Sara Sjögren

E-mail: linda@chopsueys.com