S*Chop Suey's is a breeder of Norwegian Forest Cats (NFO) since 2002, and we plan to have 1-3 litters yearly. The cattery is situated in Ersboda, 6 km outside the centre of Umeå, Sweden.

The cattery contains apart from the human beings Linda, Sara and the children Theo and Alma. 2 NFO females, 2 NFO males, 2 NFO neuters and 2 saluki dogs . All our cats live indoors, together with us as loved family members. In the house they can run around freely, and they also have access to a netted outdoor area.

We think that the goal of all breeding work should be to bring up healthy, strong, big and race characteristic forest cats, but most importantly, cats with a nice temper. It is important for us to give our kittens lots of love and caring while they grow up, and that they can join us in our everyday life to become secure, harmonic family members. It is also important that our kittens move to good homes, where they continue to receive love and caring in the future as well, and we would much like to stay in contact with the families who buy cats from us.

We enjoy going to cat shows, and like to bring our cats to nearby shows a couple of times a year. It is fun and exciting, and an excellent opportunity to meet people who are as crazy about cats as we are.

Regardless of your purpose of having cats - for cat shows, breeding, or "only" as company - you can count on a lifelong support from us, and we will try to answer all your questions and thoughts.

Our cats are allowed to move to their new homes when they are 12-14 weeks old. At that age they are fully vaccinated, dewormed, examined by a vet, and registered in SVERAK. If you are interested in buying, or just curious about, a kitten from us, don't hesitate to contact us!


Contact us:
Linda Lundberg & Sara Sjögren

E-mail: linda@chopsueys.com

Registered breeder in SVERAK/FIFE, 2002-06-12

Authorized by Miljö och Hälsoskyddskontoret in
Umeå Kommun 2005-01-20, accordingto §16 in the law for animal protection.